In the Waiting Line

Sometimes I feel like I’m in this long line, similar to that of a checkout line in the grocery store,but instead of waiting to make a purchase, each “customer” is waiting in line to receive his own special life assignment. And the whole time I am waiting, I am patient and I am cool because I know that when it’s my turn it’s going to be something great, something that I can execute. Something that I will enjoy. Something that I will be glad to have waited for. But then, suddenly as soon as it’s my turn to approach the cashier, it’s closing time.
I’m just waiting for the day that I make to the “cashier” before closing time. I feel like I am in close proximity to my destiny, but I need those directions from the “cashier” to finally make it there instead of just groping about in the dark.

I wonder if this makes sense to anyone else, if anyone can relate…

Of that I can’t be sure, but what I can be sure of is that one day it’s bound to be my turn. I will not have waited in vain.


In the Meantime

“In the Meantime”

 How can I feel this way about you?

I haven’t even had the pleasure of your company-

Or felt the velvety smoothness of your skin,

Or smelled the sweetness that lingers on your breath.

But I can imagine-

I imagine feeling the calloused palms of your strong hands as they take my hands into yours-

I can feel the vibration of your gentle laugh following a vulnerable moment for two

I can hear the traces of an “I love you” so pure-

pour into my ears and take hold of my soul.

Somehow you have gained a subtle power over me…

I am enchanted.

I find myself yearning to give up all control.


I never imagined myself to be the kind of woman to wait in quiet anticipation of you

“strike while the iron is hot,” is usually my speed

But I’m putting all that behind me now because I know,

I feel that you are well aware of all of my most intimate needs.

The love of a strong man- -quiet, confident, and sure

Who has no qualms with the whole of me, and is the only holder of the keys to this unlocked door.


I can only imagine the unbridled freedom that I’ll feel when your love truly takes hold-

It will be the scent of fresh linens and feel like a bath in sun’s gold.

Oh how I can’t wait for the day-

It’s almost too much to bear

But these feelings-

These feelings you evoke in me are so far beyond compare.


So will it all be worth the wait?

Some would say there’s no possible way for me to know

But sometimes, when it comes to you

My intuition is filled with an unwavering certainty that I feel down to my core.


I asked the Lord for patience, and I know he answers prayers

So in the meantime, I’ll be waiting patiently until both of our hearts are prepared.