“You’ve Got the Chops for It, Girl.”

Sometimes it’s nice to see things through someone else’s eyes. 🙂

Ps I have been teaching in Japan for the past several months.

My Favorite Things

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Ms. Hall, one of the PSE 4th grade teachers. After observing her teach for a few days we began team-teaching, during which I studied GrapeSEED curriculum in order to familiarize myself with the songs, stories, chants, and games. While I find working with K4 students mentally and physically draining (despite their cuteness), teaching fourth graders was absolutely invigorating.These students have greater capacity to understand larger concepts, contribute ideas to discussions, and add their own spicy personalities to the environment. Additionally, because they are older, they know more English, making communication much easier. I still have to give step-by-step instructions and speak slowly, but I don’t have to spend so much mental energy simplifying my speech.I don’t really have many pictures of 4th grade because I was otherwise occupied, so you’ll have to take my word…

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