I cried for you today…


I cried for you today

This is emotional, it’s hard for me to write–

salty pools keep blurring my sight.

I know what we have is special

you told me yourself

but even if you hadn’t, in my heart is where the feeling is felt.

Inside I’m in pain, being pulled to shreds

I can understand the reason, but I know it should be me instead.

Maybe in another time and place, we’ll both be free enough to get lost in love’s embrace.

Until then, I’ll keep you tucked away in my heart

waiting for the day when our lives can start–

as a unit, a couple, a team

you’re the only one with whom I want to share my dreams.

You’re my friend, my ace , my boy

dealing with these feelings without you has my world destroyed.

I’ll pull myself together and I know that time will mend,

because I know deep inside this is not our story’s end…




Poesy plus Polemics

"Jesus Thinking" Unnown Artist Image from revbricetajourney.blogdpot.com “Jesus Thinking”
Unnown Artist
Image from revbricetajourney.blogdpot.com

I wonder
did Jesus
ever wonder

as a man
he could not
know all things
would not
be omniscient

as a man
I could learn
from his thoughts
in his come-of-age
undisclosed years

I wonder
did Jesus
ever wonder
about what
I wonder

as men
did we share
human doubts
did we have the
same questions

I wonder
did Jesus
ever wonder
about you
or me

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So, about my students..

My students are challenging me to complete the same poetry booklet that they are completing for a project grade. The first poem that I had them create was an acrostic, and not the typical “use your own name” acrostic, I challenged them to get a little be more creative with it– as a result I created one that I thought was fitting for some of the recent events that have been unfolding in the media….Here goes nothin’:



Boy, that girl can sing! I mean…


Yelling and hollering, but always

On key.

Never shy, but I think she hides things.

Concerts and tours, she appears to be free.

Everything that meets the eye isn’t always what it seems.

Drink ‘er down…



He let out a muffled screech as it fell to the gritty surface of the pavement.

A resounding thud followed by a short crash.

Moving with an expedient pace,

the warm, yet cool liquid stretched itself hastily across the city’s abrasive pavement.

Along with the unfortunate spill of the spirits

escaped a host of unexpressed emotions–

anger,love, happiness, sorrow, freedom, lust…

there it was soaking into the city’s surface.

This is the liquid of power, of uninhibited bliss and joy, anger and evil–

This liquid has the power to make the best of a bad situation, or the worst of the best.

And with a sigh, he collected the
shattered pieces  and continued his journey to nowhere,

lonely and powerless.

Time Keeps on Ticking…



“Time Keeps on Ticking”

Watching the clock as it hastily marks time

makes me anxious about my life.

Have I made the right choices?

Is this where I should be?

Something feels out of place,

and I know that the clock is mocking me.


Sometimes my station in life feels like a shoe 

that doesn’t quite fit.

Maybe the discomfort will work to my benefit?

My vision of the future is limited 

and the end I cannot see.

I can’t be sure, but I feel that time is mocking me.


What is on the horizon cannot be known for sure,

but when I begin to write there is a feeling that acts as a lure.

It draws me in and takes me way down deep;

I feel that I’m on the verge of discovering my destiny.


So maybe I’m wrong about the clock and the time.

Maybe it is just pushing me toward a destiny that is mine.

Edging me forward toward freedom and success–

maybe the hasty clock knows exactly what is best.

As I glance at the clock, no need to worry anymore

I know that the next chapter in my life has yet to be explored.





A Haiku

Painful is watching,
Waiting for this test to end.
Ugh, state testing time.

Growing Curioser and Curioser.. (poem)


“The Pondering”

Pencil to paper- I think about him

he’s intoxicating my thoughts like his first name is Gin.

When I close my eyes to the world to be come overtaken by sleep

it’s his essence that’s seeping into my dreams.

Pleasurable to most, but bothersome to me

because I feel that this course requires a soloist to seek.

I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong in the past-

but if this solo becomes a duo, how long will it last?

Will it sustain me from here to Kingdom Come,

or make like emotional mascara, and run?

I don’t have time or patience that I’m willing to give

because for the first time, in a long time, my words are

allowing me to live.

I feel that I’m bursting out, finally becoming free

I don’t know if I can allow him to take that from me.

I could be wrong- maybe he is my help,

his silent strength pushing me to expose myself-

as a writer, a woman, a force to be seen-

so my hopes and my prayers can become reality and no longer a dream.

Should I allow him entrance into my world?

This boy, this man , this sir?

It is too early to know for sure

but like young Alice, I grow curiouser and curiouser…

Good Morning…


Sweet, swift uplifting of the soul and mind

allowing me to move in a direction I never knew I was meant to take.

Sweet in a way that makes me feel like I’ve gotten a brief glimpse 

of my first born, my own flesh and blood.

Sweet like the first bite of a ripe peach on a mild summer day.

These are the things that come from you

that make me feel like me–

make me thoughtful,

make me human.